Yeimi Salazar is a Brooklyn based multidisciplinary artist whose creative practice incorporates elements of installation, performance, and stop motion animation. Born in Medellín, Colombia, she earned her bachelors degree in her native country in 2003, from Universidad Nacional de Colombia and later she moved to New York where she graduated from an M.F.A in Arts from Brooklyn College in 2014. 

Her work is increasingly characterized by a disarmingly inviting and humorous aesthetic which masks the intensely emotional nature of her subject matter. This interest grows out of a larger commitment within her work to expose the vulnerability and ambiguity of human existence; themes that she has previously applied to home, family and political violence. 

Her installations contains silent pages of the memoirs, specific days and times of a diary that doesn’t exists; They incorporate deposits waiting to be retrieved inside a space impossible to narrate, to date, to explain.  She is particularly drawn to the tactile qualities of materials and explores the construction of spaces which encourage the spectator to endure some form of isolation within a comfortable, yet defamiliarized environment.